About Royal Catering

Chairman Message

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the BHTC operations in Yemen, our record shows a period of substantial growth across a broad front of service activities. We have expanded and adapted to meet the changing circumstances of our industry while satisfying the demands of an international customer base, our RCS was born out of conviction that catering should be available to everyone. Royal catering's mix of tradition and innovation has led to success in the catering industry.

Our catering and life support services operations continue their successful development, in addition, the company provides cost- effective food management services to embassies and guest houses, and caters for the corporate and hospitality sectors in Yemen. As we look to future growth and to the emerging markets around us, we will adhere to the principle upon which the BHTC was founded over Twenty years ago.

Who we are

The company was formed in 1996 to operate in support of the BHTC It has been active in all parts of the country ever since. Along with the Establishment Contract and the Articles of Association of the company. RCS has full legal authority over the operations of Royal Catering & Services Ltd. It is fully responsible for all aspects of the business, from day to day operational matters to financial and legal responsibilities of the management.

Royal Catering & Services does not subcontract any of its catering & camp services work. The company is fully equipped and qualified to execute all required services to the highest standards available. We are fully established in Yemen. We have a large logistics base in Safer (Mareb), providing support for our clients all over the country. It has large cold & frozen storage facilities along with dry storage and transport equipment.

Due to the high risks involved with supply lines in to Yemen, It was essential to keep strategic supplies available in our Mareb base, covering minimum three months consumption for our clients. Accordingly RCS imports its frozen meat ( Beef - lamb -Turkey - chicken) from western markets directly to Yemen. We also import major essential dry goods from Dubai. To complete the services package for our clients, we have built Caravans Accommodation 60 senior rooms with high standard at our Mareb base.

During the last 20 years, BHTC and later RCS, have executed many projects in the entire country. We have provided catering & camp services for our clients by successfully setting up supply lines, allowing us to provide high standard catering services to some of the major companies operating in Yemen.

Vision and Values

  • Provide Quality Food & Beverage, Overwhelming Presentation and First Class Service.
  • Exceed expectations by going above & beyond to anticipate our client’s needs.
  • Own it until your customer is satisfied – commit to follow through.
  • Our clients become a part of the Family.

Working Hours

Saturday - Thursday
08 Am - 10.00 Pm

Address & Location

(Alharbi Street) - Sana’a – Yemen
Tel: +967 1 420 110 / 417 222 / 679 960
Fax: +967 1 679 950