Corporate Catering Services

In today's corporate world, more and more companies realize the advantages of providing staff catering facilities. As a sound commercial practice it can create a congenial atmosphere for discussing business, benefit indus¬trial relations, act as an incentive to prospective employees, and bolster the corporate image.

Our renowned adaptability is clearly evident in this sector where catering can range from self - service cafeteria to first class waiter service in executive dining facilities, on either a day to day basis or for special functions. Whatever the type of service, our clients know that we remain customer focused and respond directly to their requirements.

The company can be relied on to produce nourishing, nutritious meals; and because of the Group's global experience, BHTC remains well qualified to cater for specific dietary requirements or ethnic cultures. In addition, our catering managers are particular¬ly aware of evolving food tastes and attuned to the health conscious climate of today's consumers.

The combination of award winning food production and developed management skills also means the company can give advice on the structuring of menus, help in the setting up of meal provision systems and overall, deliver a cost-effective package to fit in with corporate requirements and budgets