Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is our number one operational priority; we place it first in everything we do.

Our HSEQ policies are unequalled in the catering and support services industries and we work to establish a culture where safety is the first thought before undertaking any task – ROYAL Catering has several specific HSEQ actions that shape this approach.


Great! Safety Program

Our company has developed an overarching great! Safety Program which promotes a proactive safety culture. The key to the success of this program is its ability to get every individual at ROYAL to take personal accountability for safety practices within their own area of responsibility. Central to this program is a traffic light labelling system that tells employees whether an action, workplace or piece of equipment is safe to use/proceed (green), should be approached with caution (amber) or is not safe (red).

Great! Safety Standards

As part of this great! Safety Program we have established ten great! Safety Standards that communicate key preventative measures which must be in place when employees perform their daily tasks. They cover topics and issues such as: manual handling, personal protective equipment, food safety and vehicle safety.

Our Safety Culture

In recognition that workplace safety is more than rules and regulations, RPYAL Catering has also worked hard to instil a positive safety culture – which is the values, attitudes and behaviours towards safety shared by people in a workplace.  Incidents in the workplace are often associated with failures in safety culture and it is now accepted that a positive safety culture is vital to achieve excellent health and safety and food safety performance.

To improve our safety culture we have reviewed safety research, lessons learnt from incidents in our industry and consulted across our global network to develop a framework that defines the critical behaviours that characterise a strong safety culture.

This model helps everyone at ROYAL understand the behaviours they should and should not display to play their part in strengthening our safety culture. ROYAL's safety behaviour model – called Our Safety Culture – is being used as the basis for our safety culture improvement initiatives.