Industrial Catering & Life Support Services

For over twenty years, BHTC has been dedicated to the provision of services for clients in remote locations. During this period, RCS has built up substantial resources in the form of skills, expertise and administrative support, which provide comprehensive life support services for clients, their workers and dependents.

As a company, we pride ourselves on total flexibility, so whatever the size or nature of the operation, RCS adapts its services to fit in with the clients' requirements and to suit the unique conditions of individual projects.

Whether the task is to support a small overwork rig with a few working men or a large construction company with a workforce of many thousands, we apply the same high standard and attention to detail.

Purpose- built catering units furnished with the most modern technologically advanced kitchen equipment form the basis of the operation.

But it is the Company's understanding of the catering industry, its developed management systems and the degree of flexibility with which it can operate, that together give the company its leading edge. The result is a high caliber service, which can cope with a massive daily throughput, meet stringent deadlines and provide at short notice ethnic menus and meals to satisfy individual preference.

RCS can also provide a comprehensive catering management for restaurants, cafes and VIP lounges. Whatever the operation, the same high standard and stringent system of quality control remain paramount.

Serving Oil and Gas Companies on both onshore and offshore assignments, RCS can provide temporary and permanent housing. Additionally the company can provide all the necessary utilities and support facilities essential to camp life, namely:


- Catering

- Housekeeping & laundry Janitorial services

- Landscaping

- Facility maintenance

- Camp rental

- Recreation

- Security

- Transportation

- Medical services

- Vehicle maintenance

- Fire prevention